We break the mold of traditional Information Service companies by providing a comprehensive support package in a Service as a Service business model in order to offload initial standup overhead from Small Business Startups. We do this by empowering entrepreneurs' ability to soar and thrive by removing the hurdles of the Information Technology world.
"Basic" Package
Business Planning:
Business Accounts Setup
Business Plan Training

Graphic Design:
Logo Design
Color Consultation
Social Media Presence
Ad Design
Mailer Templates
Web Page
Point of Service
Web Site Hosting
Equipment Leasing
Business Internet
Web Programming
All Services included with initial startup price and continuing monthly subscription

Newark Designs was originally founded in 2001 in Los Angeles, CA as Agapetos LLC. Agapetos can be defined as: “Beloved”. This is how we view every design we create.

As time progressed, the company was re-founded in Newark, OH and the name was updated to reflect the location and nature of our work. We have now once again moved to Columbus, OH where we can be closer to the hustle and bustle of the ever-changing information technology world.

Although the name and location has changed, the ideals behind the company have remained the same. It is our fervent desire to help local businesses increase their visibility in the vitally important World Wide Web. The world thrives in diversity. Our company desires to help further the diversity of not only our own workforce, but to also provide the tools to enable people of all races, cultures, backgrounds, and orientations to reach their full potential as they grow their own company.

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